Luke Durbin Missing Since 12th May 2006

About Luke

Age at disappearance: 19
Height: 5’ 10”
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Brown, wavy
Build: Slim

On the night Luke went missing he was wearing brown suede loafers, blue jeans, a black shirt, a reversible plum/grey top (pictured below)

Luke had everything going for him; he is an attractive, intelligent, sociable, witty young man. He had a good job, his pride and joy was his guitar and his very shiny, brand new motorbike.

Luke had ambitions to travel and to save enough money to make a recording of the music that he composed.

Leading up to Luke’s disappearance

Luke went out with friends in Ipswich, Suffolk on the evening of the 11th May 2006, one of Luke’s friends decided to go home not long after arriving in Ipswich. Luke and his other friend went to the Zest Nightclub in Princes Street, Ipswich.

The friend Luke was in Zest with went to the bar to get drinks, when he went to bring Luke his drink he could not find him. After looking for Luke in the club he thought that Luke had perhaps met a girl and left.

Luke was seen at Ipswich train station, 5 minutes walk from Zest Nightclub, at approximately 2.30 - 3am on 12th May 2006, he was asked to leave the train station as there were no trains running at that time of night.

Luke was next seen in Hawk Express, a taxi rank the other side of town at 3.45am, he was trying to get home but had no money on him. He was caught on the taxi rank’s CCTV, he seemed relaxed and in good spirits. After speaking to the staff at the taxi rank they said he was good mannered and perhaps a little tipsy but not drunk.

At 4am Luke was captured on CCTV in Dog’s Head Street crossing the zebra crossing towards the bus station.

This was the last positive sighting of Luke.

The Facts
  • It has been established that Luke was trying to make his way home.

  • Luke was planning to pick his wages up that day – they were never touched.

  • Luke’s bank account has not been touched since his disappearance.

  • There has been no positive sighting of Luke since the sighting of him on CCTV at 4am on the 12th May 2006.

  • The car shown in the CCTV below, captured in Orwell Place, 9 minutes after Luke was seen, heading towards the Spread Eagle Pub, away from the direction Luke was last seen in has never been identified.

Contact Details

If you have any information about Luke’s disappearance or know of Luke’s whereabouts now, please
contact the Major Investigation Team on 01473 782059.

If the police do not get back to you please contact Nicki at findluke@hotmail.co.uk
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